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Tokyo, Japan

So we’ve headed off for our 14 day adventure of Japan. We would have loved a bit longer but we could only achieve two weeks off work for the time of year.
This would unfortunately mean we miss out on the snow season but would bring so many opportunities (and apparently produce a few challenges)! Given the improved weather we decided to hit the road and hire a campervan for our trip. It’s our plan to get out and see as much of the country in a limited time.

As we landed in Tokyo, subway tickets in hand, we’re ready to start exploring this expansive metropolis. But where do you start?? The food, the Sakura (cherry blossom), the architecture, the people watching, oh and the food! 

Having no idea where to start, we dove in and jumped on the subway and headed to Shibuya. It certainly provided our dose of people watching as thousands cross at every change of the lights. 

The food is everywhere, so we didn’t plan our meals and instead just set two rules. Eat when we’re hungry; and if we say “what’s that?” We have to order it! It turns out we never had to enforce the first rule ha.

We were late in the season on our arrival but we still managed to squeeze in some of the top Tokyo Sakura viewing spots. That feeling of a snow of flowers falling when the wind blows ended up being a lot more enchanting then either of us imagined. 

 Trying to explore such a sprawling city wouldn’t be possible without tokyos incredible train network. The maze of train lines were essential for getting around quickly, easily accessible and most importantly on a budget while. Whilst staring at the train map initially seems daughnting, the system is surprisingly user friendly. 

 Finally it was time to hit the town for a night out. We knew the experience we wanted; a small bar where a chef preps food in front of you while you drink the night away watching the locals come and go. Oh boy did we find it! As usual the menu was in Japanese and we took a punt at the drinks we ordered. Judging by the state we were in the next morning, they were great :-/! But in spite of the horrible hangover, the experience was everything we could have asked for, a great night out. 

Next step is to go pick up our mini camper and hit the road!


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