We are…

We Are…


Jess and Tom, both working Government jobs and using every available bit of our leave to explore the world!

Now don’t get us wrong we enjoy our jobs, and know we are fortunate in that we do get access to a decent amount of leave and consequently have the fortunate predicament of deciding how to best use it!

We live together in Perth, Western Australia and on average have about 6 weeks in annual leave a year to use. We both have a overwhelming desire to explore the world, and have a still evolving travel style. Having started out travelling on a higher budget we rapidly realised that if we want to explore more and more of the world we are going to have to tighten our belts.

Whilst we don’t totally penny-pinch when we go exploring we certainly have reined our spending right in, and to our delight we have found we tend to enjoy our experiences a whole lot more.

We want to use the 6weeksleave platform as a chance to share our experiences and the lessons we have learned with other similar minded travellers in the hope that others will continue to feed us their tips and tricks!

Happy exploring,

Jess and Tom

The list;

Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Croatia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Mexico, United States and Bahamas