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Falling asleep to an awesome Japanese view is easy as there aren’t any restrictions on sleeping in your car (yet) which means anywhere you can park, you can sleep. Here’s our top 4 sleeping spots in Japan that will make it impossible to get out of the wrong side of bed!


Chirihama Beach


An awesome beach driveway not subject to too much tidal movement. The hard sand allows any vehicle (maybe not any driver though) to cruise and park on the sand.

The beach driveway also allows an awesome view of the Sea of Japan, that with good weather glasses off as far as the eye can see.





Tokyo certainly isn’t a cheap city to stay in, so being able to get a prime location for the cost of overnight parking is awesome. Tokyo makes our top 4 not entirely because of the view, but more for the convenience and atmosphere.


It’s simply a case of finding a good ground level parking spot within walking distance of the nightlife, head out drinking and remember where you parked. The makings of a perfect night!


Theres no shortage of spots, but make sure it is a simple ground level spot because trying to sleep in one of those mechanical multi-level rotating parking joints is way more adventure than you want when it comes time for sleep.


Japanese Alps


This expansive mountain system offers the choice of so many different views, whether it be sitting high in the mountains looking down into the valleys below, or from low up to the awesome skyline of snow tipped mountains.


Mt Fuji


Not just one of the best views in Japan, but one of the best in the world; a view that is seriously mesmerising. Being able to camp right on the shores of a lake staring at what is quite possibly the most photogenic mountain around is a breathtaking experience!


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